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Paddling for our environment

The distance between Warsaw and Brandenburg an der Havel on waterways amounts to 1000km. The person, who (...)

The distance between Warsaw and Brandenburg an der Havel on waterways amounts to 1000km. The person, who overcame this distance, is Dominik Dobrowolski for a good reason. Dominik´s message to the world is that plastics and garbage do not belong into rivers, lakes and the sea. That´s why he calls his tour “Recykling Rejs” and has found good allies in the German Canoe Federation and the Association of the German Plastics Manufacturers.

At noon on Saturday, the Polish environmental activist arrived at the regatta course on lake Beetzsee and was heartily welcome by the numerous Championships spectators, sitting on the tribune. The President of the German Canoe Federation Thomas Konietzko and his Polish colleague Jozef Bejnarowicz received this dedicated sportsfan together.” The German Canoe Federation supports all efforts around the protection of our environment. We have been very enthusiastic about the idea of sustainability, which his venture is clearly based on. It is quite a performance paddling from Warsaw to Brandenburg an der Havel but what is even more important is his message concerning doing sensitive and sustainable sports.”, so T. Konietzko.

Dominik Dobrowolski already realized three similar tours in Poland, but this time he feels his concern for the environment has to cross the borders. Finally pollution does not stop at any border. There have been moments on his tour that he was accompanied by other canoeists and paddlers for a certain distance. He met young athletes in Canoe clubs and marinas, where he was explaining his mission to them. What he wants to propagate most is the necessity to keep the Baltic Sea clean- and this begins at the rivers´ heads.” This has all worked very well, also media have informed about it broadly.” Additionally, he wants to advertise for more commitment of the authorities, for environmental education, already at school and “I wanted to demonstrate that cooperation in the field of environmental protection is essential. The echo has already given proof of it.”